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Goldsmiths MFA Art Writing

Goldsmiths MFA Art Writing
Tuesday 15th June 2010, 7pm


Peradventure is an evening event at Chisenhale Gallery in which a group of artists and writers present a selection of works developed in response to a series of art writing residencies at the gallery. Hosted by Adrian Rifkin, Professor of Art Writing at Goldsmiths College, the evening will consist of individual presentations of short films, live performances, readings, presentations and textual diagrams / composites, and will culminate in a reading of an unpublished work by the host himself.

Though each piece of work deals with individual artistic concerns, the group has recently completed their first year together on the MFA Art Writing course at Goldsmiths. A curious quasi-shared and yet part at odds working practice has emerged, with works both engaging with and challenging those of others.

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