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Julia Tcharfas and Tim Ivison

Julia Tcharfas and Tim Ivison
Systems Thinking from the Inside

Thursday 3 October, 7pm

Making connections between early space science, ecology, studio practice and pets, Julia Tcharfas and Tim Ivison present their recent work exploring closed-system experiments and simulated environments, reflecting on the process and unexpected directions of artistic research.

Julia Tcharfas (born 1982, Ukraine) and Tim Ivison (born 1982, USA) live and work in London. Recent collaborative projects include Render, Hilary Crisp, London; and Recent Work by Artists, Auto Italia, London (both 2013). Tcharfas is currently working as Curatorial Assistant at the Science Museum, London on the Cosmonauts exhibition opening in 2014. Ivison is currently completing a PhD in Humanities and Cultural Studies at the London Consortium and is co-editor, with Tom Vandeputte, of Contestations: Learning from Critical Experiments in Education, forthcoming from Bedford Press.

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