Céline Condorelli, 2014, installation view at Chisenhale Gallery. Photo: Andy Keate. Commissioned by Chisenhale Gallery for How to work together, a shared project with The Showroom and Studio Voltaire.


How to Work Together: Céline Condorelli
2 May 2014 - 22 June 2014

To accompany each exhibition Chisenhale Gallery produces a free resource for families and for teachers who are interested in bringing classes to visit the gallery. The exhibition resource provides information on the show and enables adults and children to gain a greater understanding of the exhibition through a series of activities.

Please click the link to the right to download the activity guide for Céline Condorelli's exhibition.

To book a class visit please contact Laura Wilson, Education Organiser:laura.wilson@chisenhale.org.uk

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