Ahmet Öğüt, Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating (2015). Filmed discussion, Chisenhale Gallery, Saturday 25 April, 2015. Commissioned and produced by Chisenhale Gallery as part of How to work together. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Mark Blower.


Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating
29 April - 31 May 2015

To accompany each exhibition Chisenhale Gallery produces a free resource for families and for teachers who are interested in bringing classes to visit the gallery. The exhibition resource provides information on the show and enables children to gain a greater understanding of the exhibition through a series of activities.

Please click the link to the right to download the activity guide for Ahmet Ögüt's exhibition.

To book a class visit please contact Emma Moore, Education Organiser: emma.moore@chisenhale.org.uk

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