Live Art Residency
7 - 11 December 2009

Ayo & Oni Oshodi's (b.1987, Sussex, England) practice centres around observations of behaviours in public and communal spaces. These observations are often noted and re-distributed in the site they were originally observed. Ayo & Oni may hide within the environment they are focusing on, converting disused space into an observation outpost. Parallel to their visual arts practice, Ayo & Oni write film-scripts and are currently working collaboratively on a novel. Most recently, they have had residencies and presented work at Battersea Arts Centre, South London Gallery and Forest Fringe.
During their residency at Olga Primary School and in response to Duncan Campbell's representation of John DeLorean in Make it new John (2009), Ayo & Oni will collaborate with pupils to develop fictional constructed personae. These imaginary characters will be developed through pupils' scrutiny of their own daily environment and routines. Narratives inspired by life at the school, featuring these personae, will be developed and performed by the pupils. In doing so they will explore the (re)construction and representation of lives beyond their own. 
Documentation of their activities will be gathered into a book, which will become a reference item in the school's fiction library.

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