How to work together

Sharna Pax

Tuesday 1 December, 7pm

Sharna Pax present a screening and discussion featuring films by Eva Marie Rødbro, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Seamus Harahan and Chan Hau Chun. This event is part of Sharna Pax's ongoing research for How to work together’s 'Think Tank', which involves conversations with artists and filmmakers who work with collaboration and particular anthropological sensibilities. This research will be documented in an evolving digital archive containing interviews, commissioned essays and related content, as well as in a printed publication to be launched at the event. 
Sharna Pax (formed in 2013) is an artist collective working across the fields of visual art, anthropology and film and comprises Maeve Brennan, Therese Henningsen, Tinne Zenner and Juliette Joffé. They work independently as artists and filmmakers and collaboratively organise screenings, discussions and workshops as part of their ongoing dialogue.

The How to work together ‘Think Tank’ is supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

How to work together is supported by Bloomberg; Cockayne - Grants for the Arts; The London Community Foundation; and Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Please click here to download programme notes for the screening.

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