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Carl Plackman

Sculpture and Drawings
7 October - 31 October 1987

Carl Plackman's evolving world of objects has established a theatre of personal metaphor and mystery which has absorbed the attention of students and artists since his work was first exhibitied in the early 1970s.

This exhibition provided an opportunity to see the broadest range of Plackman's installations and drawings for five years and consists of work produced over the  three years leading up to the exhibition. Two large installations, eight smaller pieces and drawings, in which Plackman's imagery moves from a tightly circumscribed world of mundane and archetypal detail in which peoples' relationships with objects set up psychological barriers, into an area where personal experience is equated with an impersonal/sensational event of international significance.

The exhibition toured to Huddersfield Art Gallery in December 1987.

This text is taken from the press release for Sculpture and Drawings, October 1987.

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