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Victoria Park Residency

Cathy Haynes
Why the clock is to time what laminate flooring is to trees
Wednesday 2 April, 7pm

Cathy Haynes introduces her research project, Stereochron Island, for the Chisenhale Gallery Victoria Park Residency. Drawing on ideas from anthropology to astrophysics, and the skill of telling time through shadows and birdsong, Haynes argues that the Park protects a richer and more layered experience of time than the ‘mono’ time of the mechanical clock.
The Chisenhale Gallery Victoria Park Residency 2013-14 is produced for the third year in partnership with Tower Hamlets Parks and Open Spaces Department.

This event is free but booking is strongly advised. Please contact to make a booking.

For further information and details of Stereochron Island events please visit

Image: Cathy Haynes, Stereochron Island, 2014

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