You’re The Boss: Open All Hours

April 2010
Open All Hours: Guess Who's around the Royal London Hospital?

During April 2010, artists Simon Woolham and Yara El-Sherbini collaborated on producing a mini residency in the paediatric wards at the Royal London Hospital.

Open all hours was a film, game and poster project created in collaboration with the artists, the young people and play specialists at the Royal London Hospital. They re-created the recognisable game of 'Guess Who' using images of the patients to re-design the 24 characters. By putting the young people into the game, the participants could be anyone or anything they wished, devising a space for fantasy and language; as they considered how they described the characters. The new game was played as a starting point to create a series of short stories about the fantastical characters, imagined around the Royal London Hospital, which developed into a short film. A film poster was created to accompany the project, and the young people participated in a Guess Who tournament.

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