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Lydia Ourahmane's install
Hannah Black’s exhibition closes
Last week of Hannah Black's exhibition
Creative Careers Day Images
Focus E15 Campaign in conversation images
Focus E15 Campaign in conversation
Ciarán Finlayson and Marina Vishmidt in conversation images
2018 commissions programme
Larne Abse Gogarty and Hannah Proctor in conversation
Hannah Black, Bonaventure and Ebba Fransén Waldhör Images
Derica Shields and Hudda Khaireh in conversation images
Hannah Black Opening Images
Hannah Black Opening
Hannah Black Opening
Hannah Black install
Luke Willis Thompson’s exhibition closes
Tavia Nyong’o in conversation with Luke Willis Thompson - images 
Mile End Community Project and Luke Willis Thompson Images
First Thursdays Images
Join us for First Thursdays
MUBI screening of ‘Portrait of Jason’ (Shirley Clarke, 1967)
Orit Gat event images
Orit Gat on Luke Willis Thompson’s ‘autoportrait’
Luke Willis Thompson Talk
Luke Wills Thompson Opening Images
Luke Willis Thompson Opening
Luke Willis Thompson Install
2018 commissions programme
Last week of Maeve Brennan's 'The Drift'
Stop Play Record event
Sharna Pax Screening Images
Sarna Pax screening in conjunction with MUBI
Maeve Brennan in conversation at the V&A
Amara Thornton on Maeve Brennan’s ‘The Drift’
Maeve Brennan exhibition events
Maeve Brennan and Erika Balsom in conversation images
Maeve Brennan Opening Images
Maeve Brennan Opening
Maeve Brennan Install
Alex Baczysnki-Jenkins’ exhibition closes
Alex Baczynski-Jenkins ‘The hole together’ images
Alex Baczynski-Jenkins ‘The hole together’
Alex Baczynski-Jenkins ‘The swell’ images
Larne Abse Gogarty and Hannah Proctor in conversation
Alex Baczynski-Jenkins in conversation with Catherine Wood images
Alex Baczynski-Jenkins ‘The symptom’ images
Alex Baczynski-Jenkins afternoon viewing
Alex Baczysnki-Jenkins Opening Images
Alex Baczysnki-Jenkins Opening
Alex Baczysnki-Jenkins Rehearsals
New year and Alex Baczynski-Jenkins install
Alex Baczysnki-Jenkins' Install
Chisenhale Gallery Presents: Milo Van der Maaden and Imran Perretta
Last week to see Peter Wächtler’s show
Luke Willis Thompson Event Images
Alex Baczynski-Jenkins Rehearsal Images
Peter Wächtler exhibition tour with Paul Teasdale Images
Camille Henrot's Archive Edition
Screening of Peter Wächtler’s ‘Tim and Racky’
Stop Play Record: Animation workshop Images
Early morning viewing of Peter Wächtler’s exhibition
Peter Wächtler in conversation images
Peter Wächtler in conversation with Polly Staple
Peter Wächtler Show Continues
Peter Wächtler Opening Images
Peter Wächtler Opening
Install of Peter Wächtler’s Exhibition
Milo van der Maaden and Imran Perretta's 21st Century event images
21st Century: Milo van der Maaden and Imran Perretta
Forthcoming '21st Century' event
'We Live In Public' screening images
MUBI screening
Chisenhale Interviews: Yuri Pattison
Yuri Pattison Show Continues
Yuri Pattison Opening Images
Yuri Pattison Opening
Yuri Pattison Upcoming Events
Josh Bitelli's Online Commission
Forthcoming exhibition
Announcement of new commissions for 2016-17
Install of Yuri Pattison's exhibition
Current exhibition: Maria Eichhorn
Maria Eichhorn exhibition '5 weeks, 25 days, 175 hours'
Forthcoming exhibition: Maria Eichhorn
Shen Xin's 21st Century event images
Last week to visit Park McArthur's show
Shen Xin's upcoming '21st Century' event
Images from last week's screening
Images from Yuri Pattison's 'Enquire to Annotate'
Images from '21st Century' and 'Stop Play Record' events
Exhibition Tour with Jonathan P Watts images
Park McArthur exhibition viewing and gallery tour
Park McArthur in conversation and seminar
Park McArthur Opening Images
Park McArthur Opening this week
Park McArthur Opening next week
Installation of Park McArthur's exhibition
Alex Baczysnki-Jenkins Rehearsals
New year and Park McArthur install
21st Century: Leah Clements images. Jumana Manna exhibition closed.
Images from the Sharna Pax's event
Images from Martin Stokes' talk
Images from Professor Ella Shohat's talk
21st Century: Ian Law images
21st Century: Ian Law
Images from Nick Denes' 'Ethnography, Authenticity and Song'
Nick Denes event 'Ethnography, Authenticity and Song'
Jumana Manna in conversation images
Jumana Manna in conversation with Negar Azimi
Frieze week events and opening hours
Jumana Manna in conversation images
Jumana Manna in conversation
Jumana Manna preview
Jumana Manna forthcoming exhibition
Jumana Manna Install
Last week of Nicholas Mangan's exhibition 'Ancient Lights'
21st Century: Rachel Pimm
Photogram Workshop documentation
Exhibition Tour with Ellen Greig
Yuri Pattison 'Enquire to Annotate' launch
Rebecca Wright Talk
Nicholas Mangan in discussion images
Nicholas Mangan opening images
Nicholas Mangan exhibition opening this week
Nicholas Mangan Install
'Interim' rehearsals and performance images
Interim week: Dwayne Browne, Wojciech Kosma, Timothy Murray, Llewellyn Reichman, Yunuen Rhi and Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor
Ahmet Öğüt exhibition closed
Final week of Ahmet Öğüt, 'Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating'
'Games for May' events this week
How to work together Think Tank online
Images from Travis Elborough's 'A Tour of Victoria Park’s Leisure Clubs'
Ahmet Öğüt exhibition opening images
Ahmet Öğüt opening performance this week
Forthcoming: How to work together programme
Final week of Patrick Staff, 'The Foundation'
'Mapping Artists' Professional Development Programmes in the UK' event images
Chisenhale Gallery Victoria Park Residency 2014-15
Forthcoming events
Forthcoming exhibition events – 'Uniform Smoke'
Patrick Staff in conversation with Catherine Wood
Patrick Staff exhibition opening images
Patrick Staff exhibition opening this week
Patrick Staff exhibition install week
Caragh Thuring exhibition closed
Last week of Caragh Thuring's exhibition
Brick making workshop images
Brick making workshop this week at Chisenhale Gallery
Chisenhale Gallery January events
Chisenhale Gallery holiday opening times
Caragh Thuring and Jennifer Higgie talk documentation
Caragh Thuring exhibition & 21st Century event this week
Caragh Thuring's exhibition opening this week
Offsite residencies announced
Installing Caragh Thuring exhibition
Final week of Ed Fornieles, 'Modern Family'
Suzanne Treister: Post-Surveillance Art
Frieze week performance event
Frieze Week 2014
Forthcoming events
Ed Fornieles exhibition opening images
Ed Fornieles exhibition opening this week
Forthcoming programme announcement
Ed Fornieles, Modern Family, install and casting call
Edward Thomasson exhibition closed
Last week of Edward Thomasson exhibition
Cathy Haynes' final Chisenhale Gallery Victoria Park Residency 2013-14 event
Photo documentation from Edward Thomasson and Jennifer Higgie talk
Edward Thomasson in conversation with Jennifer Higgie
Edward Thomasson exhibition events
Chisenhale forthcoming July events
Edward Thomasson opening images
Edward Thomasson exhibition opening this week
Celine Condorelli exhibition closed
Alice Rawsthorn OBE. Exhibition and Offsite events.
Watch online: Camille Henrot and forthcoming 'How to work together' events
Forthcoming exhibition event: Avery Gordon at Chisenhale Gallery
Forthcoming Cathy Haynes event
Quinn Latimer at Chisenhale Gallery
John Tilbury at Chisenhale Gallery
Céline Condorelli opening images
Céline Condorelli opening
Celine Condorelli Install Week
Camille Henrot's exhibition closed. Forthcoming exhibition: Celine Condorelli
Last week of Camille Henrot's exhibition
Cathy Haynes 'Why the clock is to time what laminate flooring is to trees'
21st Century: Sabel Gavaldon, 'A Museum of Gesture'
Camille Henrot exhibition tour
Forthcoming March events at Chisenhale
Camille Henrot exhibition opening images
Camille Henrot exhibition opening this week
Camille Henrot install week
Alice Theobald performance documentation
Alice Theobald's Interim event
Late week of Jordan Wolfson exhibition
Polly Staple wins Genesis Prize 2014
Forthcoming events at Chisenhale
January events at Chisenhale Gallery
Holiday opening hours
21st Century: Bonny Poon
Jordan Wolfson exhibition opening images
Jordan Wolfosn exhibition opening this week
Installing Jordan Wolfson
Ian White (1971 - 2013)
Last week of Nick Relph and 21st Century: Flatness
21st Century: 'Flatness' and Nick Relph 'Tomorrow There is No Recording'
Frieze London 2013 overview
Frieze London week
Julia Tcharfas and Tim Ivison event documentation
21st Century event week: Julia Tcharfas and Tim Ivison
Nick Relph exhibition opening images
Nick Relph opening this week
Install week for Nick Relph exhibition
Pratchaya Phinthong exhibition close, '21st Century' and 'Dome' events
Last week of Pratchaya Phinthong's exhibition
Propeller and 21st Centurt events next week
Cara Tolmie, Pratchaya Phinthong and afternoon tea
Pratchaya Phinthong exhibition opening
Pratchaya Phinthong exhibition opening this week
Pratchaya Phinthong's exhibition install week
Last week of Mariana Castillo Deball exhibition
Edward Thomasson, Between You And Me
21st Century event with James Bridle and Lauren Houlton
Mariana Castillo Deball exhibition events
Coffee Morning, Neighbourhood Residency and Tree Walk
Next week Exhibition and Offsite events
Mariana Castillo Deball 'What we caught we threw away, what we didn't catch we kept'
Mariana Castillo Deball exhibition opening
Mariana Castillo Deball install week
Last week of Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi's exhibition
Cara Tolmie: Wrangling Exercise 1
Events at Chisenhale Gallery
Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi in conversation with Polly Staple
Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi preview
Nasrin Tabatabai & Babak Afrassiabi exhibition opening this week
Installing Nasrin Tabatabai & Babak Afrassiabi
Chisenhale Artists at the 55th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale
Corin Sworn and Gil Leung in conversation audio
Corin Sworn exhibition events
'21st Century' with Joseph Walsh
Cara Tolmie: Exercise Workshops for Performance
Corin Sworn exhibition opening and events this week at Chisenhale
Corin Sworn, 'The Rag Papers'
Installing Corin Sworn's exhibition
Last chance to see Helen Marten's exhibition 'Plank Salad'
'21st Century' and Helen Marten screening this week at Chisenhale
January events at Chisenhale Gallery