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Jordan Wolfson's exhibition Raspberry Poser is now closed. If you missed it you can see documentation of the exhibition here.

This week we are preparing for Alice Theobald's Interim event I've said yes now, that's it. The performance will take place in the main gallery space on Saturday 8 February from 7pm. Please click here for more information. This event is now fully booked. We will do our best to fit everyone in but we can't guarantee a place for people without a reservation.

Our next exhibition, The Pale Fox, by Camille Henrot, opens on Thursday 27 February from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Please click here for more information. 

We are pleased to announce two new commissions by Caragh Thuring and Patrick Staff, who will present exhibitions at Chisenhale Gallery in 2014-15.


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