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We're looking forward to Shanay Jhaveri's tour of Camille Henrot's exhibition The Pale Fox this Saturday 22 March at 2pm. There are places still available, to reserve please contact You can read Adrian Searle's review of Camille Henrot's exhibition in The Guardian here.

We are now recruiting for our 2014/15 Offsite and Education Trainee. This role provides hand on training in arts management, arts education and a comprehensive overview of gallery operations including: Programme planning and research, fundraising, assisting artists, delivering workshops, working with schools, universities and young people, press and marketing, audience development and project evaluation. For more information and how to apply click here.

The Common Practice group - of which Chisenhale Gallery is a founding member - are having their bi-monthly meeting this week. To learn more about this advocacy group working for the recognition and fostering of the small-scale contemporary visual arts in London please click here.

Tune in this Sunday 23 March to Resonance FM at 104.4 FM to listen to Chisenhale Director Polly Staple in conversation with Morgan Quaintance as part of Morgan's Studio Visit programme. For more information click here.

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