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Join us this Wednesday 2 April at 7pm for Why the clock is to time what laminate flooring is to trees, a presentation by Cathy Haynes introducing her project for the Chisenhale Gallery Victoria Park Residency. Click here for more information and email to reserve a place.
We are pleased to announce the full details of our next exhibition by Céline Condorelli as part of How to work together, a shared programme of commissioning and research organised by Chisenhale Gallery, The Showroom and Studio Voltaire. Condorelli’s exhibition develops from her ongoing engagement with friendship as a condition for working together. This new body of work explores how relationships are articulated by the things that surround us. Exhibition events include a performance by AMM group member, John Tilbury, and discursive events with curator David Bussel and sociologist Avery Gordon. Please click here for more information. 
This is the last chance to apply for Chisenhale Gallery's Offsite and Education Trainee post. The deadline for applications is Tuesday 1 April. We are accepting applications for the Exhibitions and Events Trainee  post until Monday 7 April. Please click here for more information about both opportunities. 

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