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A new video documenting Camille Henrot’s recent exhibition, The Pale Fox, is now available on our website. You can view the video and listen to audio recordings of events related to the exhibition by clicking here.

On Wednesday 11 June, Camille Henrot will be in conversation with Hans Haacke, Do Ho Suh, Sheela Gowda and Roman Ondák for The Biennial Effect at Tate Modern, chaired by Jessica Morgan. For further details and booking information please click here.

On Tuesday 17 June at The Showroom, Céline Condorelli, David Bussel and Jessica Vaughan will be in conversation with Gerry Bibby to discuss his current exhibition, Combination Boiler. Gerry and Céline’s exhibitions were both commissioned as part of How to work together, a shared programme of commissioning and research organised by Chisenhale Gallery, The Showroom and Studio Voltaire. Please click here for more information. Céline Condorelli’s exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery continues until 22 June.
Places are still available for Céline Condorelli's talk with Avery Gordon at Chisenhale on Wednesday 18 June at 7pm. For more information and for reservations please contact

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