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Bang! (work in progress), 2012, Matthew Noel-Tod

Last week Matthew Noel-Tod, artist-in-residence in Victoria Park, led a series of workshops with Wellington Primary and Chisenhale Primary School. The workshops will form the basis of his film Bang! (2012) which will be premiered in the Park in September. To see images of the workshops click here.

On Saturday 5 May, a trailer of Matthew's film was presented in the Eastern Hub Building in Victoria Park to conincide with A Monument to the Future, a celebration of the Park's renovations.

On Wednesday last week, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye met with a group of GCSE students from Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School to talk about her exhibition. Some of the pupils in the group had previously worked with Chisenhale on our three-year secondary school programme A Sense of Place.

Key Stage one pupils from Chisenhale Primary School visited Lynette's exhibition. During their visit they composed a set of questions about the work which have been sent to Lynette to answer. The interview will be online soon.

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