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Thank you to everyone who joined us last week at Mosaic Rooms for Professor Ella Shohat's talk Orientalist Genealogies: The Split Arab /Jew Figure Revisited. Tracing contemporary depictions of the Arab /Jewish divide back to representations in 19th century painting and photographs, Shohat provided a historical lens to consider the representation of Israel /Palestine in our current exhibition by Jumana Manna. Photos are by Manuela Barczewski. 

Please join us this Thursday 26 November at 7pm for a talk by Martin Stokes, King Edward Professor of Music at Kings College London. Stokes will explore the history of musical tradition in Palestine, with reference to the archives of ethnomusicologist Robert Lachmann and the musical performances in Jumana Manna’s film.

On Tuesday 1 December at 7pm, the artist collective Sharna Pax will present a screening and discussion as part of their ongoing research for How to work together’s 'Think Tank'. For more information and to reserve a place please click here.

The London-based artist, Leah Clements will present the next event in our 21st Century programme on Tuesday 8 December at 7pm. Clements is developing a new work for the event and for Chisenhale's website, building on her research into empathy and intimacy, and looking specifically at the scientific phenomena of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy and quantum entanglement. For more information and to reserve a place please click here.

We are happy to announce that Chisenhale Gallery is offering a special 10% Christmas discount on all Chisenhale Editions until 11 January 2015. To view and purchase editions please visit our online shop.

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