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Thank you to all our Friends and Patrons who joined us on Friday for a special viewing of Park McArthur’s exhibition, Poly, with an introduction to the show by our Director Polly Staple. This was followed by a tour of local East London galleries, Maureen Paley, Herald St, Carlos/Ishikawa and Raven Row, led by Polly Staple. Please support the gallery by signing up to our Benefactors Programme and join us for future Friends and Patrons events. For more information, please click here

Park McArthur’s exhibition continues until Sunday 3 April 2016. Please join us this Saturday 20 February at 2pm for a gallery tour of the show led by Jonathan P Watts, drawing on his research into materials, such as plastics and gels, that were declassified following the Second World War and introduced into everyday use. Watts is a writer and regular contributor to frieze magazine. For more information and to reserve a place, please click here

The next event in our 21st Century programme will be a new performance by London-based artist Josh Bitelli on Thursday 25 February at 7pm. Bitelli will present a musical performance by members of the London Doctors Choir. The musical score is composed by Bitelli for soprano, alto, tenor and bass, with lyrics drawn from medical journals and guidelines for medical etiquette. To reserve a place at the event, please click here

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