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Thank you to everyone who joined us last week for a screening of Audre Lorde, The Berlin Years 1984–1992,  a documentary by Dagmar Schultz, selected by Park McArthur. Lorde (1934-92) was as a radical feminist, writer and advocate for social justice and has been an important influence on McArthur's work. Due to popular demand we will be holding another screening of the film on Saturday 2 April at 3pm. For more information and to book a place please click here. Photos are by Manuela Barczewski. 

Enquire to annotate, 
a conversation convened by artist Yuri Pattison as part of his Chisenhale Gallery Create Residency is now available on our website here. Speakers Ivan Pope, founder of the first internet magazine .net, and Eva Pascoe, pioneer of Cybercafe Cyberia, were joined by Pattison to discuss the beginning of internet cafe culture in London and a growing online economy. The event was held at Campus London - a Google space for London’s startup community - where Pattison presents a new sculpture titled enquire for lobby work 2 & 3 within the reception area, which is open daily 9am - 5.30pm. 

Please join us on Thursday 31 March, 7pm for a new work by Shen Xin, presented as part of our 21st Century programme. Shen is working with practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism to produce a live event as the prologue to a new moving image work. In this new piece, Shen examines the practice of Tibetan Buddhism in Europe in relation to what she regards as afflictions of contemporary capitalism’s relationship with power, specifically appropriation, objectification and exploitation. For more information and to book a place please click here.

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