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Thank you to everyone who came to see Park McArthur’s exhibition, Poly, which closed on Sunday 3 April. For video and audio recordings of the events, which include Park McArthur in conversation with Isla Lever-Yap, a panel discussion and a gallery tour led by Jonathan P Watts, please click here

We are currently preparing for our next exhibition, 5 weeks, 25 days, 175 hours by Maria Eichhorn. 5 weeks, 25 days, 175 hours is a two-part work examining contemporary labour conditions. The exhibition opens with a one-day symposium exploring ideas raised by the project. 
At Eichhorn’s request the gallery’s staff will then withdraw their labour for the remaining five weeks of the exhibition. None of Chisenhale’s employees will work during this period and the gallery and office will be closed, implementing free time in the place of work.

The symposium will take place at Chisenhale Gallery on Saturday 23 April. It features lectures by Isabell Lorey and Stewart Martin and will be chaired by Andrea Phillips. The afternoon will be devoted to a discussion with the audience, in which Maria Eichhorn will also participate. Audio recordings will be available online after the event. For more information and to book tickets, please click here. 

Eichhorn’s commission is part of the third and final year of How to work together, a shared programme of contemporary art research and commissioning by Chisenhale Gallery, The Showroom and Studio Voltaire. For more information about How to work together and the concurrent exhibitions at The Showroom and Studio Voltaire, please click here.

We would like to congratulate Céline Condorelli, Ahmet Öğüt and Amalia Pica on their inclusion in the upcoming Gwangju Biennale 2016. Céline Condorelli and Ahmet Öğüt were commissioned by Chisenhale Gallery as part of the first two years of How to work together. Amalia Pica’s exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery in 2012 followed her year-long work commissioned as part of our Offsite programme: I am Tower of Hamlets, as I am in Tower of Hamlets, just like a lot of other people are (2011-12).

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