Chisenhale Editions

Archive Edition #1

Wolfgang Tillmans
Chisenhale Edition, 2011
A4 laser print on 130gsm chamois coloured, tinted drawing paper; float mounted inside cardboard box. Covered box made from 1150 micron grey unlined board, covered base with black paper, lid covered in 150gsm yellow printed paper; hook fixing for hanging folded on underside of base.
Dimensions: 320 x 235 x 25 mm
Edition of 100 plus 50AP, signed and numbered


Chisenhale Gallery presents a very special limited editon by Wolfgang Tillmans, the first in an annual series of ‘Archive Editions’.

‘Archive Editions’ works with artists who have participated in Chisenhale Gallery’s historic exhibition programme at pivotal points in their career and who now kindly donate their work to raise funds to realise the gallery’s artistic programme and support the next generation of pioneer artists.

Wolfgang Tillmans made an exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery in 1997. This was Tillmans’ first major solo exhibition in a public gallery in the UK. He was awarded the Turner Prize in 2000 and is recognized as one of the worlds’ leading contemporary artists.

Tillmans continues to have an expansive and prolific exhibition and publication history. As ever, he questions both the meaning of representation and the representation of meaning through exploring photographic form, as well as the cultural politics of identity and the transient beauty of the everyday world around us.

Chisenhale Edition, 2011 is an A4 sized print of a Tillmans ‘paper drop’ image on chamois coloured, tinted drawing paper. The print is mounted in a cardboard box modelled exactly on a yellow Kodak colour photography paper box. There is a small hook fixed to the underside of the box, which can be folded out to enable the edition to be displayed on a wall.

Wolfgang Tillmans started to make ‘paper drop’ images depicting photographic paper specifically exposed to coloured light in his darkroom in 2001. Tillmans has always chosen to present his photographs unframed, reflecting his interest in the photograph as an embodied image, with a three dimensional presence, however thin. The sculptural connection with photography is not, for Tillmans, only in the subject matter relationship (which is strongly present in a number of his works) but also in a direct object-related way. The decision to then make photographs and photographic paper itself the subject of his work was a continuation of this understanding and exploration. Later with the ‘Lighter’ work (produced since 2005) Tillmans dropped the act of photographing and allowed the photographs - in their three dimensional form - to only represent themselves, not even to hint at an image of anything but be something in and of themselves.

Chisenhale Edition is printed with a laser printer onto paper, a non-photochemical process. The print is then mounted and displayed in a replica of a classic Kodak paper box. Everything is authentic except the paper size. Photographic paper is produced and cut to traditional inch sizes. Photocopies and office printers in Europe work to ‘A’ sizes. So here is a point of contact with two of Tillmans’ preferred picture mediums: the photocopy and the ‘C-type’ photograph.

Chisenhale Edition is an object with a picture, it is signed on the box and can be hung either open, showing the paper drop, or closed with the lid, having the bright Kodak yellow lighten up the room.

Wolfgang Tillmans (b.1968, Remscheid, Germany), studied at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design in Bournemouth, England from 1990 to 1992. In 2009, he received the Kulturpreis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photographie and was selected to serve as an Artist Trustee on the Board of Tate. Tillmans was the recipient of the 2015 Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography. He currently has a major solo exhibition at Tate Modern and previously had solo exhibitions at many major international galleries and museums including Tate Britain and Serpentine Gallery, London; Reina Sofia, Madrid; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; PS1 Contemporary Art Center/MoMA, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum for Contemporary Art, Berlin; the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Tamayo Museum, Mexico City and the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.

Tillmans is Professor of Interdisciplinary art at Stadelschuele, Frankfurt and runs the not for profit exhibition space ‘Between Bridges’ in London.

Wolfgang Tillmans is represented by Maureen Paley, London; Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne/Berlin; Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, Regen Projects, Los Angeles and Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris.

Click here to view the archive page of Wolfgang Tillmans' 1997 Chisenhale Gallery exhibition I Didin't Inhale.