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Hilary Lloyd
Dress, 2013
Dress, 2013
Digital pigment print on 300gsm Somerset Photo Satin paper
Dimensions: 42 x 29.5 cm
Edition of 65 + 10 APs, signed and numbered

Standard price: £250 (unframed)
Chisenhale Friends’ price: £225 (unframed)* 

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Hilary Lloyd limited edition print

Chisenhale Gallery presents a very special limited edition by Hilary Lloyd, the third in our annual series of ‘Archive Editions’.

‘Archive Editions’ works with artists who have participated in Chisenhale Gallery’s historic exhibition programme at pivotal points in their career and who now kindly donate their work to raise funds to realise the gallery’s artistic programme and support the next generation of pioneer artists. In 2011 the inaugural ‘Archive Edition’ was produced by Wolfgang Tillmans, followed by an edition produced by Rachel Whiteread in 2012.

Hilary Lloyd made an exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery in 1999. This was her first major solo exhibition in a public gallery in the UK.

For her exhibition at Chisenhale, Lloyd presented an installation of minimal, yet high charged, video works exploring the spatio-temporal mechanics of theatricality, performance and objecthood. The exhibition consisted of a system of video monitors, cables, cases and stands presented as one work with different components. The monitors played long and unedited video portraits of Lloyd’s subjects, performing minimal actions.

Viewers of the work were invited into the same tense and intimate relationship as Lloyd’s characters had with the unblinking camera. Her protagonists’ performance, or lack of it, revealed very little. Rather it was their intention and conviction which carried meaning. Through the merest of signifiers and the slightest of actions, Lloyd played on the viewers’ voyueristic and festishistic impulses, binding us into a fundamentally erotic relationship with her subjects.

Dress (2013) comprises two juxtaposed colour photographic images. The image on the right could be taken from a fashion magazine and depicts a woman in a cocktail dress. The image of the woman has been cropped by Lloyd and turned on its side. As you make sense of the image you assess that the woman is standing in a non-descript space – a studio or an alleyway perhaps – the specific location however does not seem as important as the increasing attention you may pay to the fancy, ruffle detail of her party dress. The image on the left consists of abstract white brush marks. Broad strokes of paint sloshed over a black surface.

The marks bend and squiggle, the shapes bearing a trace of the pleasure of making them. The relationship between the two images becomes one of graphic association, of shape and form as much as intention. Regarding these two images is a self-conscious activity. You become aware of the very process of making and looking itself as both intellectual and sensual.

Hilary Lloyd (b. 1964, London) studied at Percival Whitley College, Halifax and Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic. She lives and works in London. Lloyd’s exhibition history since 1999 includes solo exhibitions at many major international galleries and museums including Kunstverein, Munich; Le Consortium, Dijon; Artists Space, New York; Raven Row, London and Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel. She has contributed to various group shows including The British Art Show, the Gwanju and Lyon Biennials. In 2011 Hilary Lloyd was nominated for the Turner Prize.

Click here to view the archive page of Hilary Lloyds' 1999 Chisenhale Gallery exhibition.