Artist: David Burrows
Title: New Life
David Burrows 'New Life'

ISBN 0-902683-70-5
Published by Mead Gallery, 2004
Paperback, colour illustrations, pp 88
Texts by: Caroline Douglas, Simon O’Sullivan, David Burrows.

“From that point on I saw nothing. The bursts of machine-gun fire followed one after another in a silence disturbed only by the sound of exploding glasses; it seemed to go on forever. The smell of gumpowder was very intense.  Then everything went silent again.  I noticed that my left arm was covered in blood; Valerie must have been hit in the chest or the throat. (…)  Just then, from the direction of the leisure complex, came an enormous explosion which ripped through the entire area and echoed round the bay for a long time.  At first I thought my eardrums had burst, but a few seconds later, in the midst of my daze, I became aware of a concert of dreadful screams, the gebuibe screams of the damned.” From Michael Houellebecq’s Platform

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