Artist: Emma Kay
Title: The Future from Memory
Emma Kay 'The Future from Memory'
ISBN 1 901066 053
Published by the Chisenhale Gallery, London 2001
Paperback, b/w illustrations, pp 31
Essay by Jan Verwoert

This publication marks the production and inaugural presentation of the Future from Memory, a new work commissioned by Chisenhale Gallery and the first solo exhibition of work by Emma Kay in a public gallery.
Drawing upon and combining Kay’s recollection of assorted facts and fictions, The Future from Memory describes a personal prediction for the future of the world. The highly subjective and fallible text embraces a range of subject matter that prompts some respect for Kay’s breadth of knowledge. It has the distinctively authoritative tone of a significant historical document.
The development and presentation of The Future from Memory as digital animation takes Kay’s practice into new territory. The animation releases the text in fragments, controlling the amount of text that can be seen at any one time, and profoundly influencing the way the work can be viewed or read. The specific experience of the viewer is affected by the fact that the constantly moving words cannot be retrieved or revisited as they roll onto the distance; by the next time they come around the world has moved on.
Through its programme of new commissions, Chisenhale aims to engage and support artists in their testing of boundaries to develop new work. The Future from Memory represents a significant departure within Emma Kay’s practice and it has been a great pleasure to be closely involved in this realisation.

Tamsin Dillon
Curator, Chisenhale Gallery
March 2001

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