Artist: Graham Gussin
Title: Graham Gussin
Graham Gussin
Published by Chisenhale, London, 1993
Texts by Adrian Dannatt
Paperback, black and white and colour illustrations

Jean-Francois Lyotard has for long developed his view that ‘it is in the aesthetic of the sublime that modern art (including literature) finds its impetus and the logic of avant-gardes finds its axioms’. Lyotard’s diagnosis is not of course concerned with the rendering, through the artists’ means and materials, of the awesome chaotic infinitude of nature but rather with an essentially transgressive notion of strategy; to cross the abyss formed between conception and presentation, out of the desire to represent an unrepresentable experience, a state of mid, am idea, a belief, that certain something which can never be adequately pictured. The source or essence of art is here the source and essence of experience, and specifically an experience of becoming.  In this, a sense of inevitable failure reveals a project founded on the articulation of the discovery that the ideas of reality contains its own lack (and furthermore that nature’s infinitude is not necessarily real

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