Artist: Andrew Stones
Title: Outside Inside
Andrew Stones 'Outside Inside'
ISBN 1-90427009-3
Published by Film and Video Umbrella, London, 2004
Paperback, colour illustrations, pp147
Texts by Steven Bode, Sean Cubitt, Shirley MacWilliam.

Twenty kilometres outside Geneva, in an enclave of neutral Switzerland that has grown to become on of the main intellectual stamping grounds of the international scientific community, are the laboratories of the Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire, also known as CERN. Although the organisation’s boundary-breaking activites have attracted increased attention in recnt years, the nature and extent of what goes on there is still largely unkown or unfathomable to the majority of people. Noth that the buidings themselves give much of a clue. Set in its green0field site in an otherwise anonymous suburban hinterland, the exterior of the complex offers scant indication of either its purpose or its scope. But, as advanced-level science so often reminds us, appearances can be deceptive. Like a metaphor for the mysterious world of sub-atomic particle physics, CERN’s distinguishing features are not to be found on the surface but remain to be encountered deep within.

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