Artist: Lothar Gotz
Title: Lothar Gotz Paint
Lothar Gotz 'Paint'

ISBN 3-925489-38-X
Published by Verlag der Galerie Epikur
Paperback, colour illustrations.
Text by Oliver Zybok, Dr. Hans-Jurgen Schwalm, Erik Schonenberg

In 1925 Le Corbusier discussed the first graphic expression of prehistoric man with lyricist Paul Valery. The latter was convinced this was a “line of smoke” (appearing) as an illustration of a temperamental idea, winding to and fro, with no beginning and no end and no meaning than that of creative freedom”. Le Corbusier, on the other hand, believed this first line was already an expression of will, an ordered, i.e. geometric expression: “If someone asks me to paint something on a wall,” he wrote “it would very probably be a cross that, with its arrangement of four right angles, is not only perfect but also dominates my cosmos, for these right angles give me two axes and thus the possibility to represent and measure space”. For Le Corbusier the foundation of human activity lies in its arrangement of straight, horizontal and vertical lines which, for him, are the indispensable condition for civilisational achievement. In his view this will to order, and thereby sense geometry, is innate in all people.

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