Artist: Olaf Breuning
Title: They Live 
Olaf Breuning
ISBN 1-900029-20-0
Published by Chapter
Edition of 1000
Paperback, colour illustrations
Texts by Hannah Firth, Martin Herbert, Adam Sutherland.

Clambering through the detritus of a destroyed library, accompanied by a soundtrack that guided me through clouds of billowing smoke to the light beaming through a gaping, violent hole at the end of the room, I was confronted with a coffin that partially concealed an axe-wielding sex doll.  But this wasn’t just any old sex doll; this was Amanda, created using Hollywood special effects technology; the most “realistic love doll in the world” and there she was, at the end of her journey, a ‘Weird Science’ construct that required Breuning to shape her online – the colour of her eye shadow, hair, skin tone; the ultimate in artifice, deposited in a scene that required an aggressive departure from the traditional library entranceway.

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