Artist: Bernard Frize
Title: Suite au Rouleau
Bernard Frize 'Suite au Rouleau'
Published by Chisenhale, 1994
Paperback, b+w and colour illustrations, pp22
Text by Jonathan Watkins

‘Suite au Rouleau is a series of eight paintings by Bernard Frize. Each was made with a paint-roller, such as would be used for interior decoration. Layer upon wet layer of paint, various colours suspended in PVA, give and overall impression of opalescence. Different colours are assigned, arbitrarily by the artist, to different layers. These are applied at different angles, of forty-five degrees in relation to each other, clockwise, so that the succession of layers is discernible. The last layer is most obvious – being on top of the others – as is its movement through 360 degrees, parallel to each edge and cutting each corner of the paintings’ rectangular format, from the beginning to the end of the series.’
(Jonathan Watkins, ‘Suite au Rouleau’)

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