Artist: Varda Caivano
Title: Paintings by Varda Caivano
Paintings by Varda Caivano
ISBN 3-9811268-0-7
Published by Chisenhale, London
Paperback, colour illustrations, pp 48
Texts by Felicity Lunn, Simon Wallis

The informal directness of Varda Caivano’s art, together with her skill in drawing on both art historical tradition and painterly technique, lure the viewer into a mode of dreamy contemplation that is always stopped short by doubts concerning what exactly we are looking at. The compelling awkwardness of her work sets it apart from the one-liner statements and sensational images that in her recent years have more easily grabbed attention in the art-world. Caivano’s paintings are both seductive and impossible to rasp, awkward and sensuous, reminiscent of traditional painterly values and wholly contemporary.

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