Hiraki Sawa
5 September 2007 – 14 October 2007
Opening: Wednesday 5 September

For Hiraki Sawa’s first solo exhibition in a London public gallery, he has created a newly commissioned multi-screen video with a soundtrack produced by Takeshi Nishimoto and edited by Dale Berning. Hako comprises six videos with subtle digital animation depicting extraordinary transformations of landscapes, a nuclear powerstation, a Shinto monastery and constructed model interiors of rooms and corridors.

Hako’s development began with Sawa’s interest in a Victorian doll’s house and box garden therapies. In this form of treatment a doctor gives a patient an empty wooden box along with a set of miniature objects selected for its symbolic meaning, as determined by the doctor. The patient is then asked to furnish the box with these elements, to create his or her personal garden, which the doctor then analyses. In both the box garden and Sawa’s doll’s house there is a controlled structure where rules and selected elements allow improvisation and play to reveal unconscious processes.

Similarly the six scenes and events in Hako are charged with psychological and mythological aspects as they shift between fantasy and reality. In these evocative interrelated films, fireworks explode over a Japanese nuclear powerstation set dramatically at the ocean’s edge, birds flock around warm churning water pumped into the sea at Dungeness, a miniature toy clock is animated to keep real world time, a carefully cultivated forest surrounding a Shinto monastery is shown as the light shifts and romantic land and seascapes morph into one another.

Hiraki Sawa was born in Japan in 1977, and lives and works in London. He received an MFA in Sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art, London in 2003. Solo exhibitions include Centro de Arte de Caja (CAB) in Burgos, Spain; First Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, USA; Aichi Arts Centre in Aichi, Japan; National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia and Firstsite in Colchester, UK.

A colour catalogue accompanies the exhibition with an introduction by Simon Wallis, Director of Chisenhale Gallery and an essay by Jennifer Thatcher, Director of Talks, ICA.

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This exhibition is a collaboration between Chisenhale Gallery and Centro de Arte de Caja (CAB) in Burgos, Spain.

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Hiraki Sawa

ISBN 978-84-96421-75-2
Published by Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos
Hardback, colour illustrations.
Texts by Caja de Burgos, Simon Wallis.

An extreme calm and quietness seem to prevail in Hiraki Sawa’s London flat, habitual setting for most of his videos. However, the apparent peace and silence present are suddenly interrupted: the inanimate objects that inhabit it begin to move, covering remote locations of the remarkable universe that is home. The inanimate becomes alive.

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