Graham Gussin, Tim Jones and Jo Stockham
8 June 1987 – 25 July 1987
Opening: Monday 8 June

Graham Gussin, Tim Jones and Jo Stockham are three young sculptors who employ the means of narrative to turn their interest and concern in and about the world into objects. Interestingly, each also uses two-dimensional images as a way of informing the audience and extending the narrative base of their sculpture.

Tim Jones' travels have already taken him around the world. His fourteen foot high winged Dante's Car has the characteristic of an ancient juggernaut or siege tower, its wheels and steps rising to a pulpit from which a clear view of reality may be obtained. Engravings and drawings depicting the Car in various parts of the world accompany the work.

Jo Stockham approaches uneasy states from her personal past and the more general present making sculptures rooted in domesticity but collapsing under the anxieties of childhood and the ever-present fear that stems from living within an aggresive environment. Her prints offer clues to her sculpture; the house full of gun barrels, her own face as a small child gazing out into an uncertain future.

In Listening Field, Graham Gussin has laid his own railway track across the gallery floor. He too, turns his back to his childhood as he establishes an empty tableau through which something large is about to move or has just left. In that atmosphere of emptiness he coolly explores his feelings of waiting and loss. His series of collages Notes on the Margins refer to the same sensations, annotating a book which has never existed.

Text taken from the press release for Sculpture, July 1987.

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Face to Face
20 November 1991 – 22 December 1991
Opening: Wednesday 20 November

Work by artists from Chisenhale Studios: Jo Stockham, Sharon Hall, Jan Dowman, Lucy Heyward, Michael Buhler, Mark Fairnington 
Curated by Mario Flecha and Sacha Craddock
Actual Dates: 20 November - 22 December 1991

There is no description of this exhibition available at this time.

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Painting & Sculpture
Trisha Austin, Belinda Ellis, Emma Gunningham, Sharon Hall, Kate Hardy, Denise Harris, Linda Huey, Diane Martin, Alison Macleod, Kathleen Mullaniff, Vincenza Orofino, Helen Robertson, Hilary Rosen, Caroline Russell, Jessica Shamash, Jo Stockham, Madeleine Strindberg, Helena Stylianides, Marilu Swett, Emma Young
3 June 1986 – 15 June 1986
Opening: Tuesday 3 June

There is no description of this exhibition available at present.

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