Kerry Trengrove
Retrospective 1946 – 1991
26 June 1992 – 19 July 1992
Opening: Friday 26 June

Kerry Trengrove’s exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery is a posthumous retrospective of the artist’s work before his death in 1991.

Trengrove’s work rests on the outright rejection of ideas of the self-acquainted artist and the artist as the singular creator of meanings. Like many artists of his generation who recognise the importance of conceptualism, and who learnt the value of collaborative work from the counter-cultural politics of the late 1960s, Trengrove treated the production of discrete objects as merely the physical residue of a process of exchanged ideas between artists and others.

The point for Trengrove was not the simple linguistic fact that the production of meaning is a shared act, but that such a process is explicitly a social one, and therefore potentially pedagogic. Trengrove’s work began in dialogue as an exchange of experiences and skills and ended in a dialogue with an audience or collaborators.

Kerry Trengrove was born in 1946 in Penryn, Cornwall and died in 1991 in Sheffield.

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Kerry Trengrove

Published by Chisenhale, London, 1992
Texts by John Roberts
Paperback, colour illustrations

The setting is contemplative, much like a Japanese sand garden: sawdust on the floor, bare white walls, a tree propped up in the corner, a chair on which Kerry is sitting. He is smiling, laughing. The training of one of four dogs has just finished. Someone in the audience at the front asks a question. Kerry answers enthusiastically; the mutual contemplation is broken; the work unfolds.

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