Spaces and Voids
Reza Ben Gajra, Liz Grob, Madeleine Strindberg
16 January 1987 – 4 February 1987
Opening: Friday 16 January

Ten years ago when conceptualism still ruled as the dominant art fashion, a particular ‘look’ had developed as an essential appendage to this art’s content.

A trip round last Autumn’s Open Studios in East London and the various art school final exhibitions showed that for many artists the current ‘look’, an amalgam of British conservatism and ‘New’ figuration, is still going strong.

Exceptions exist, of course. This exhibition of painting by Reza Ben Gajra, Liz Grob and Madeleine Strindberg shows the work of three artists who shun such appearances.

The traditional reference to landscape; an association between human skin and pain surface; the play of feeling and abstraction; three painters with different starting points whose work establishes cross currents that are sublime, decorative and mysterious.

The exhibition opens on Thursday January 15 between 6 and 9pm and continues until Feb 4 1987.

This text is taken from the press release for Spaces and Voids, January 1987

Painting & Sculpture
Trisha Austin, Belinda Ellis, Emma Gunningham, Sharon Hall, Kate Hardy, Denise Harris, Linda Huey, Diane Martin, Alison Macleod, Kathleen Mullaniff, Vincenza Orofino, Helen Robertson, Hilary Rosen, Caroline Russell, Jessica Shamash, Jo Stockham, Madeleine Strindberg, Helena Stylianides, Marilu Swett, Emma Young
3 June 1986 – 15 June 1986
Opening: Tuesday 3 June

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