Dog Day Afternoon
Saturday 19 November

Chisenhale Gallery’s first artist-in-residence in Victoria Park, Matthew Noel-Tod, hosted a day of film screenings for dogs and humans held in Victoria Park and at Chisenhale Gallery. Dogs were welcome at both events.

2pm, Victoria Park, entrance Crown Gate West, near the Pavilion Café

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
 (cert: U), Duwayne Dunham,
81 mins (1993)
Disney’s remake of the live-action film The Incredible Journey. Starring a voiceover from Michael J. Fox. Two dogs and a cat find their way home. Great fun for kids and adults.

Around the Park, William Wegman, 7 mins (2007)
Around the Park was a public art project commissioned by the Madison Square Park Conservancy in New York in autumn 2007. The video stars artist William Wegman's canine cast of Weimaraners enjoying an Autumn day in the park.

7pm, Chisenhale Gallery, 64 Chisenhale Road, E3 5QZ

White Dog 
(cert: 18), Samuel Fuller, 90 mins (1982)
Withheld from release by Paramount for over 20 years, Samuel Fuller’s complex investigation of racism and social conditioning. An animal trainer attempts to de-condition a racist ‘white dog’. A critical masterpiece for adults.

Around the Park, William Wegman, 7 mins (2007)
(see above)

For more information about Matthew Noel-Tod and the Victoria Park Residency, click here. 

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Matthew Noel-Tod: Partner Primary School Workshop
Sunday 1 April
Matthew Noel-Tod: Partner Primary School Workshop April 2012

Matthew Noel-Tod led a series of workshops in Victoria Park, with our partner schools; Wellington Primary and Chisenhale Primary.

Reflecting on the old and the new, the past, present and future, the workshop asked the children to think of something they think will be different in the future, when they are adults, and something they think will be the same. Using drawing and photography they created an image to accompany their statements.

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Matthew Noel-Tod: Bang!
Saturday 1 December

Produced and filmed during Matthew Noel-Tod’s year-long residency with Chisenhale Gallery and Victoria Park, Bang! (2012) is a film with talking dogs that traces the development of the world spirit from Plato through August 2011 riots to today. Using references from popular film and television, the work presents an idiosyncratic reflection on contemporary life, in which live action is combined with CGI animation – a technique frequently used in children’s films with animal protagonists. Bang! is set against the backdrop of the newly renovated Victoria Park, including the playgrounds, Chinese Pagoda and the statues of the Dogs of Alcibiades, which stand at the Sewardstone Road entrance to the park.

Writer Benedict Seymour describes the film as “a materialist history of the present that uses the language of internet memes, advice dogs, and infantilised avatars to tussle with the journey from an organic society to the surreal subsumption of capital.”

Matthew Noel-Tod (born 1978) lives and works in London. Solo exhibitions and screenings include, Canary Wharf Screen, LUX, London (2012), Blind Carbon Copy, Picture this, Bristol and Nought to Sixty, ICA, London (2008). Group exhibitions and screenings include Abject Bloc, Limehouse Town Hall, London (2012), Artists’ Film Club, ICA, London (2011). He was a participant in the LUX Associate Artists Programme 2007-2008 and is currently a recipient of the Acme Studios Firestation live/ work residency 2010-15.

Produced by Chisenhale Gallery in partnership with Tower Hamlets Parks and Open Spaces Department. Supported by London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Arts Council England Grants for the Arts and The Elephant Trust.

The Victoria Park Artist Residency
 is part of Chisenhale Gallery’s Offsiteprogramme. Launched in 2010, it includes commissions, collaborations, residencies and touring programmes all taking place outside the gallery. The core focus of the Offsite programme is on commissioning artists who have specific interests in collaboration and direct engagement with social and cultural contexts.

Chisenhale Gallery has worked in partnership with Victoria Park on this artist’s residency. Victoria Park is located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and recently received support from the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore key historic elements in the Park.

On Saturday 19 November, Noel-Tod organised a day of film screenings for dogs and their owners, which was held at in Victoria Park (near the Pavilion Café) and in the studio at Chisenhale Gallery. Click here for further information.

In April, Noel-Tod led a series of workshops in Victoria Park with pupils from Chisenhale Primary School and Wellington Primary School. Click here for more information.


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