Pep Agut
Rescue Attempt. Nonsense
28 September 1994 – 23 October 1994
Opening: Wednesday 28 September

Pep Agut’s exhibition Rescue Attempt. Nonsense at Chisenhale Gallery consists of three elements. First, a black and white framed photographic triptych depicts Agut in three poses: as artist, model and viewer. Agut’s gestures mimic those of Velasquez’s Las Meninas, looking out from the space of representation in order to observe reality.

Secondly, there are two glass cabinets containing black canvas, which, as the viewer comes closer to them, take on the role of a mirror, reflecting back the viewer's own image within the cabinets.

Finally, Agut has placed two circular white paintings, which refer to the nature of human vision. At first, Agut thought of reproducing in these paintings the retinographs of a person born blind, but abandoned the idea. Instead, the pure white paintings leave the viewer to contemplate their own blind act of seeing.

Pep Agut was born in Barcelona, Spain, where he still lives and works. He studied at Facultat de Belles Arts de Barcelona (1979-1984).

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Pep Agut

Published by Chisenhale, London, 1994
Paperback, b+w illustrations
Text by Jose Luis Brea

One may imagine epochs as sierras, as well ass well-strung chains of mountains. Akin to high peaks, artists and their works do not rise in total solitude, but drag alongside them neighbouring hills. Because of them, not only does climbing become possible but also the view is clearer. Thus, the true height of a summit can only be properly assessed, both in its humility and its splendid majesty, when measured from a neighbouring height.

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