Pierre Gottfried Imhof

Published by Aldgate Press
Paperback, 12 pages, colour illustrations
Text by Sue Golding

‘At its most critical, weightiest point, Pierre Imhof’s 12 months/365 days/one year in the life of… is a relentless journey, a daily re-marking, a cruel re-covering of survival itself. And yet it also embodies as the very limit of this journey the lightly, almost whimsically painted and perversely scratched seizures of an Other writ large. For these daily ruptures present an ‘otherness’ no longer exiled to the margins of an outside somewhere ‘beyond’ the [nauseatingly] common, everyday. Imhof surfaces, instead, with an Other at play with – around which we are forever caught: time, space, place, age, body, virus, shit, now splattered, or maybe floating or perhaps dancing or then again resisting or is it just simply resting, along immediately debauched surfaces of multiple toxic time.’
(Sue Golding)

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