Simon Patterson
General Assembly
22 June 1994 – 31 July 1994
Opening: Wednesday 22 June

For his commission at Chisenhale, Simon Patterson has made a significant shift in his practice towards the use of sculptural forms. The artist has constructed a large-scale installation based on the format of the typewriter keyboard. The ‘keys’, bolted to the gallery’s west wall, allude to chairs or stadium seating. Around the gallery’s other three walls are seats fixed at a normal height, spelling out the sentence, ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’.

Patterson’s work often involves the collision of established systems, resulting in patterns of incongruous names or subtle word associations. Names that occur in the Periodic Table, on star charts or the London Underground map are replaced by those of politicians, philosophers and film stars. With a lightness of touch, Patterson imbues order with chaos and recasts the crucial question of what is in a name.

General Assembly was supported by London Arts Board and the Arts Council of England.

Simon Patterson was born in Leatherhead, Surrey, in 1967. Between 1985 and 1989, he attended Hertfordshire College of Art and Design and Goldsmiths College. In 1996, Patterson was nominated for the Turner Prize for his solo exhibitions at the Lisson Gallery, the Gandy Gallery in Prague, and three solo shows in Japan.

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Simon Patterson


Published by Chisenhale, 1994
Paperback, b+w and colour illustrations, pp 24
Text by Patricia Bickers

In a gesture intended signal a return to normalcy as a result of the joint EU/UN-negotiated cease-fire in Sarajevo, General Sir Michael Rose staged a football match in the damaged but still standing stadium. In this smaller arena, under the aegis of the sky blue and white colours of the UN, a ritualised battle was fought in the name of peace between two teams, one made up of troops from the UN peace-keeping force, the other of surviving members of the local football team.

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