Speculative Archives
Thursday 19 March

Thursday 19 March, 7pm

Speculative Archives is a panel discussion which marks the launch of Chisenhale Gallery’s online archive, 1986-1990, chaired by Royal College of Art Curating Contemporary Art student Sophie Oxenbridge who has been working on the digitisation of the archive.

The event seeks to create discourse around archiving as an extended research project in the digital age. This is not to focus solely on how archives are being digitised, but also on how they are being re-conceived in an online age; a way of thinking about archives as both a means through which to re-tell histories but also to speculate on or produce them anew, linking them with the contemporary imagination.

Speakers include Siobhan Davies, presenting RePlay, an evolving dance and choreographic digital archive including film footage, images, audio and text; Laura McLean talking about her work as curator of the Contingent Movements Archive, a curatorial and artistic research project which was initiated for the Maldives Pavilion of the 55th Venice Biennale; and writer Naomi Pearce introducing the collaborative research project and book After Butler’s Wharf: Essays on a Working Building.

The Chisenhale Gallery archive 1986-1990 is an incomplete and evolving project. Where possible, we have tried to obtain the dates, artists involved, installation images, and a description of the exhibition. However, some of these exhibitions have limited or no documentation available at this stage. If you are able to contribute to this archive please contact: mail@chisenhale.org.uk

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