ChisenhaleHz roundtable discussion

Saturday 13 July, 2 – 4pm

ChisenhaleHz presents a round table discussion considering what, or who, defines the ‘centre’. Devised in response to themes in Ima-Abasi Okon’s exhibition, the discussion explores ideas of value and taste as articulations of the ‘centre’, locating these ideas within wider social and historic contexts. Speakers include artist and writer Morgan Quaintance and free.yard.

ChisenhaleHz is a collective of young people who meet regularly at Chisenhale Gallery. Using ideas and themes raised through the gallery’s Commissions Programme, the group presents a series of public events throughout the year. Following the first meeting, the group collectively decided on the name ChisenhaleHz, which reflects the multiple frequencies and voices brought together in the group.

This event is free to attend but booking is recommended. To reserve a place please visit our Eventbrite page here.


Image: Ima-Abasi Okon, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, 2018. Commissioned by The Showroom, London. Photo: Daniel Brooke. © Ima-Abasi Okon. Courtesy of the artist.