Antoni Abad and Pete Lloyd Lewis
Painting and Sculpture
28 April 1987 – 16 May 1987
Opening: Tuesday 28 April

There are no images available of this exhibition at this time.

Spanish sculptor Antoni Abad spent the year prior to this exhibition moving between Barcelona and London, making sculpture in both cities. The three large works in this exhibition were made from blocks of foam rubber into which Abad cut, opening the inner forms out and then folding them back. The sculpture combined the inherent theatricality of Minimalism with Performance, as Abad actively participated in changing the shapes of the finished works allowing the pliability of the material to govern the various states the sculpture may manifest. Each work was accompanied by a separate photo/ light piece, which Abad regarded as sculptures in their own right, in which the story of the sculptures' blossoming is told.

Pete Lloyd Lewis is a painter whose work deliberately confronts the values that his art school training encouraged him to maintain. The content of his bold and brash figurative paintings is bound up with the style in which they are painted. He challenges the spectator to examine the seriousness of his intent as an artist by pushing his imagery over the top into an absurd world of men grinning ghoulishly from the paintings, some surprisingly beautiful in spite of it all.

This text is taken from the press release for Antoni Abad and Pete Lloyd Lewis: Painting and Sculpture, April 1987.

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