Dryden Goodwin
25 January 2006 – 12 March 2006
Opening: Wednesday 25 January

Dryden Goodwin's Flight presents an installation of inter-related elements including live action film, animated intervention and a multi-layered soundtrack. Included in the display are hundreds of small-scale pen and ink drawings, which form the the animation within the film.

Flight immediately places the viewer at the centre of the action, through the eyes of an artist fugitive, who has embarked on an emotional and ambiguous journey of escape. Alongside the hope of liberation, Flight evokes the fear of pursuit and a restless inability to settle and relate to people, place and self. The transformative quality of the animated interventions suggests a superimposed fantasy or reverie.

The film, which is an expansion of a short film commissioned by the animate! project, funded by Arts Council England and Channel 4 Television, tracks the protagonist’s movement away from urban vistas, via motorway networks, through forests, to the coast and onwards to the sea and sky.

Dryden Goodwin was born in Bournemouth in1971, and studied at the Slade School of Art, London from 1992-6. He was awarded a residency at Benetton's Art and Communication Institute in Fabrica, Italy, in 1996-7, and a Nesta Fellowship in 2001. Goodwin’s practice includes installation, video, film, sound, drawing, painting and photography. His work has appeared in dozens of international solo and group exhibitions.

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