Hazardous Vessels
Recent Painting by William Dick, Adrian Frost and Diane Marston
2 September 1987 – 26 September 1987
Opening: Wednesday 2 September

Probably, art produced in Britain is less bedeviled by the vagaries of fashion than is is elsewhere, nonetheless, the rise of Neo-expressionism over Conceptualism and its demise, in turn, has something of the whim of fashion about it as much as the development of ideas on the backs of others immediately preceding them.

Among the huge number of painters working in East London, most seem unaffected by such issues, preferring, instead, to maintain their individual integrity despite the pressure of the commercial art world for marketable products.

Such are the three artists exhibiting in Hazardous Vessels, Dick, Frost and Marston each in their own way reaching into a murkiness and depth to produce extremely powerful images that overcome the issue beauty and ugliness by the sheer manifestations of each artists' driving force and the abundant sensuality of their materials.

These painitngs have one thing in common, the force of the human spirit generating objects and images of a magnitude and intensity of vision that make this exhibition a memorable event.

Text taken from the press release for Hazardous Vessels, September 1987.

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