Kathy Prendergast and Hamish Horsley
Sculpture and Drawings
11 February 1987 – 7 March 1987
Opening: Wednesday 11 February

Hamish Horsley and Kathy Prendergast both graduated from the Royal College of Art in September 1986. Here the similarity between them ends. One makes monuments, establishing himself in the orthodox traditions of sculpture, carving stone and drawing from oriental, abstract and prehistoric sources. The other worries her materials by, for example, pressing clay into chicken wire, creating objects that appear to have no lasting life. Hamish Horsley’s carved sculpture has most frequently been seen out of doors and his carved forms owe much to the landscape in which they are located. The large exhibition space at Chisenhale Studios provided him with the opportunity to show a major work inside for the first time. Kathy Prendergast’s work was evidence of a private world nervously hovering between our shared reality and something else, distant and personal.

This text is taken from the press release for Hamish Horsely and Kathy Prendergast: Sculpture and Drawings, February 1987.

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