Off The Map
Alanna O'Kelly, Anne Tallentire, Frances Hegarty, Rose Ann McGreevy, Rosemarie McGoldrick, Carole Key
5 August 1987 – 22 August 1987
Opening: Wednesday 5 August

This second major exhibition by the Irish Women Artists' Group, Off The Map, concentrated on the mixed media work of six artists: Frances Hegarty, Carole Key, Rose Ann McGreevy, Rosemarie McGoldrick, Alanna O'Kelly, Anne Tallentire.

The concerns of the group were an examination of the contradictory experience of being located between cultures and of not only being Irish but female in Britain in 1987.

The desire to lay tracks and establish territories emerged throughout the work in Off The Map as a metaphor of choosing and reconstructing identity within an adopted culture. In dealing with the contingencies of the present, the Irish Women represented in Off The Map have also had to take on their inheritance of the past.

The work in Off The Map represented a diversity of both art practices and the histories of individuals and was thus impelled by a need to dismantle the cliches of Irishness, and to provide other, more relevant representations.

Ultimately the intention of such a project could not be prescriptive, but could help to open up the possibilities for all women and all people from ethnic minorities to take control over their own representations.

This text is taken from the press release for Off The Map, August 1987.

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