Per Huttner
I am a Curator
5 November 2003 – 14 December 2003
Opening: Wednesday 5 November

I am a Curator is an ambitious project that allows Chisenhale Gallery's visitors the chance to be a curator for one day. Over the course of six weeks, prospective curators will book a one-day slot at Chisenhale, and each individual will be given the opportunity to curate their own exhibition during the course of the day. The result of the project will be thirty separately curated exhibitions.

Each curator selects artworks housed and indexed in Support Structure, an environment designed by architect Celine Condorelli and artist-curator Gavin Wade. Support Structure operates as a facilitating system for the show that also alters Chisenhale's industrial space. Within Support Structure there is a large and diverse pool of work available to each curator: sculpture, video, ephemeral works, sound pieces, painting, performance proposals, drawing, social intervention and action descriptions. Support Structure is augmented by artist Scott Rigby's card system that enables daily curators to plan the selection of their exhibition.

I am a Curator is an ambitious experiment in democratising the curatorial process. For Huttner, democracy comes with great responsibility, and his project seeks to encourage a dialogue about the complexity of the curatorial process. It also aims to engage the visitor in a debate about the limits of interpretation of an artwork. The project begins with the question: what are the intentions of the artist, and are those intentions more truthful than the interpretation of the visitor?

I am a Curator was initiated and directed by Paris-based Swedish artist-curator Per Huttner. The project was commissioned by Chisenhale Gallery and supported by: The Canada High Commission, London; Danish Council of Visual Art, Copenhagen; RSA Art for Architecture, London; Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen; Moderna Museet International Program, Stockholm; Swedish Embassy, London; Institut Français du Royaume-Uni.