Antoni Malinowksi and Marysia Lewandowska
27 September 1986 – 4 October 1986
Opening: Saturday 27 September

Antoni Malinowski’s room has the size and the brightness of a sacred place - but one feels more in the open air than in a church. Like a remains of a pagan ritual, colours follow into symbols, pictography into secret mark-making.  The room has four walls - four sides of the world, and four different works on each of them. The door-like drawings on roofing felt hang like grey curtains giving entrance to different worlds. A skeleton like cut-out drawing of a house occupies the whole wall. A drawing on the floor made out of cartographic symbols of trees and shelters is lightly covered with a burnt red ochre pigment. A large rectangular painting of an enormous oval in shades of pale blue and pink - a strange, milky painting which by contrast makes the other pieces look more earthly. And as an added clue - the fifth element - colour placed in between the pieces, standing on it’s own. A door in clear yellow, a blue window niche and in between the roofing felt drawings the painted pillars - blue, white and yellow. The painted surfaces orchestrate the room like an oversized geometrical painting of a classical modernist - almost like a huge Mondrian.  

Antoni Malinowski’s installation deals foremost with the “persona” of the room, the sense of it’s reality, the essence of it’s formulation. Each space holds contrasts and conflicts, and every space offers a solution. Malinowski uses not only the sensibility of line and colour, but also considers as fundamental the architecture of the room - it’s shape. He discovers the room’s physicality and shows how the images and the space can be in harmony or in a fight with each other.   This installation is about freeing a room, not about taking it into possession. Here we meet five artists who are all called Antoni Malinowski and they all get on well with each other, and to whom nothing is more important than to be at one with place and substance.

Text written by Christiane Bergob (translated by Antoni Malinowski ), published  Kunstforum International as the “ Letter from London", February 1987.

The other artist involved was Marysia Lewandowska, there is no image or description of her work available at this time.

At the opening Polish artist Janusz Szczerek also showed a film.

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