Ron Haselden
Dust on Dust
8 May 1987 – 23 May 1987
Opening: Friday 8 May

Dust on Dust was a new installation by Ron Haselden constructed specifically for the front space at Chisenhale Gallery. Haselden describes the works inception:

"On a recent flight to Aberdeen the clouds below cleared brifly and revealed a view across the peaks of Scottish mountains. The sun was bright and reflected off the fields of snow. Small ravines and rocky outcrops were evident everywhere, described with minute accuracy by the effects of drifting dusty snow."

Most of Haselden's work is of a temporary nature and unsuitable for exhibition in commercial galleries. He works frequently outside the confines of the gallery altogether, for example a major work was constructed in a forest on Dartmoor.  Entitled The Belvedere the piece climbed up through the forest, encircling trees, to a height of 56 feet. The spiral, made from scaffolding, enabled people to break through the canopy of the forest and look out across the treescape.

Dust on Dust, repeated the combination of light industrial materials and nature, and also continued another of Haselden's insterests: kinetics. This time, looking down to earth rather than up through the tress, Haselden constructed a work that slowly shakes a light layer of snow, transforming the dirty, uneven gallery floor.

This text is taken from the press release for Dust on Dust, May 1987.

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