Slow Boat Summer 2012/ Propeller/ Benedict Drew
Slow Boat: Summer 2012
3 August 2012 – 26 August 2012
Opening: Friday 3 August

Slow Boat: Summer 2012 is a major national collaboration between Chisenhale Gallery and Ikon Gallery, Birmingham in partnership with the Canal & Rivers Trust. Slow Boat is a converted canal boat that acts as a catalyst for young people (aged 15-20 years) to produce and present their own work, as well as that of other artists. Travelling at an average speed of four miles an hour the journey along the Grand Union Canal connecting Birmingham to London takes two weeks.

With a crew composed of artists Benedict Drew and Sam Belinfante, Propeller and Ikon Youth Programme and gallery staff, Slow Boat arrives in London during the second week of the Olympic Games when it will be moored for one week outside Chisenhale Gallery (5-11 August). Whilst retracing the canal’s historic trading route and the changing industrial landscape, the crew are producing a dynamic programme of radio broadcasts and field recordings, alongside, performances, screenings and drawings presented on the boat and at the gallery.

Using field recordings and audio mapping, the Propeller group have been working with Drew to document their surroundings, questioning the misinterpretations that can arise from these translations. This, as well as interviews, video footage and animations produced during Propeller sessions, forms the starting point of a new video examining the changing landscape of East London as well as a sound track composed by Propeller member, Ruth Elliot.

Drew is also turning Slow Boat into a sound installation. Using hydrophones, underwater sounds will be transmitted inside and outside the boat as it journeys from Birmingham to London, and the musical score is being played back to the gallery.

Propeller members (2011/12): Reiss Akuwudike, Polly Alexander, Yero Biu, Sean Burns, Sarah Doherty, Thomas Doherty, Eva Crossan Jory, Ruth Elliot, Laura OLeary, Kai Turner and Tyler Young.

Benedict Drew (b. 1977) lives and works in London and Whitstable. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally with exhibitions in Japan, the USA and Europe. He has made several works for radio, most recently the series ‘Unter Radio’ on Resonance FM. Recent solo exhibitions include; This is Feedback, Outpost, Norwich (2012), Gliss, Cell Project Space, London, (2012), The Glass Envelope, Zabludowicz Collection, London (2012). Group exhibitions include, The Map is the Territory, Banner Repeater, London (2012) and The Persuaders, James Taylor Gallery (2011). He is currently a member of the LUX Associate Artists Programme.

Sam Belinfante, (b.1983) lives and works in London. He has performed and exhibited nationally and internationally, solo exhibitions include A Bocca Chiusa, Concrete at Hayward Gallery (2011), Sam Belinfante: Three Works, Southard Reid (2010) and group exhibitions, Cage Mix: Sculpture and Sound, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and Trace, Stoltzestrasse 11, Frankfurt (2007).

Click here to download Benedict Drew being interviewed by Propeller about their collaborative exhibition.

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  • Saturday 11 August

    A discussion about canal networks and radio networks with Ed Baxter of Resonance 104.4 fm, and Graham Fisher MBE from the Canal and River Trust.

    All events are free but booking is advised. Please ask at the front desk for further details and to make a reservation.

    Thursday 9 August

    An evening of live music performances aboard the boat and in the gallery, by artist Lee Patterson and Propeller member Ruth Elliot.

    Wednesday 8 August

    A film programme selected by Benedict Drew, including Memo Mori (2009) by Emily Richardson, narrated by Iain Sinclair, and Housing Problems (1935) by Arthur Elton presented in the gallery.

    Tuesday 7 August

    You are invited to a coffee morning aboard Slow Boat and a special viewing of the exhibition by Benedict Drew and Propeller. Cakes are generously provided by the East End Women's Institute

    Sunday 5 August

    A free drop-in workshop led by artist Sam Belinfante with IYP and Propeller members, inspired by their journey on the Grand Union canal.

    Saturday 4 August

    Join Propeller and IYP to celebrate Slow Boat’s arrival at Chisenhale Gallery. 

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