Toby Ziegler
Enter Desire
27 January 2005 – 13 March 2005
Opening: Thursday 27 January

Toby Ziegler’s work shifts dramatically between pictorial clarity and intense pattern-making through his hybrid mix of painting, sculpture and installation. As a starting point for improvisation, he concentrates on the traditional genres of landscape, interiors and still life to produce visually resonant works, often painted on workman’s industrial light-reflective fabric or Japanese paper.

Ziegler makes use of interlocking geometric patterns and designs adapted from a wide variety of sources, contrasting hard-edged qualities against a painterly touch. The reflective and luminous properties of his works shift radically depending on the angle from which the work is seen and the changing light conditions. The viewer can move from examining surface qualities - of how paint or ink is applied - to gaining a strong sense of illusory depth as a scene recedes, allowing the eye multiple points of entry.

For his exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery, Ziegler creates an installation of interlaced pieces that include large-scale landscape paintings; a reconfigured Persian rug; a geometric latticework lantern depicting a generic pastoral scene with five separate vanishing points; and a glowing Sphinx constructed entirely from folded acetate and illuminated from within.

Toby Ziegler was born in 1972 and studied at Central St. Martin’s between 1991 and 1994. He lives and works in London and is currently on a residency at Delfina Studios.

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