21st Century: Giles Bailey
Tuesday 18 May – 12am
Giles Bailey presents a composition of sources and performance drawn from his project Talker Catalogue.

"THE AZTEC is a re-staging of a minor character in François Truffaut’s 1962 film  Jules et Jim. Barely speaking, appearing on screen for less than a minute and mysteriously dubbed THE AZTEC in the director’s screenplay, he steps from the movie to become a site inhabited by a number of characters and voices and the nexus of various narrative threads. He presents a speculative tool to question the motions on and off a stage or on and off camera.

Talker Catalogue is an ongoing enquiry into reading mediations of performance events. Via image, text, quotation, fragment, footnote and anecdote this project aims to develop performances that explore such secondary sources as means of investigating the interference, translation and stability of history, character, narrative and resolution." Giles Bailey

Giles Bailey was born in York (UK) in 1981. He studied at the Glasgow School of Art, The Royal College of Art and is now enrolled in the Master of Fine Art programme at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam.

Working largely in performance his research is concerned with construction of text through collisions of sources. He explores the possibility of the script as a site for collaged material drawn from the various mediations of theatrical, literary or cinematic events. Through the re-articulation of a documentary image, close scrutiny of speculative moments in nascent cinema or positioning of biographical footnotes he proposes terms that address and problematise the roles of performer and audience.

Currently he is developing issue 12 of Achim Lengerer’s discursive publishing platform Scriptings and has recently contributed texts to the journal Gnommero and Stealing one Thought out of the Other by Matthias Meyer. He was a member of the independent music and art collectives Nuts and Seeds and Circus Circus and from 2006 - 2008 was on the committee of Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (UK).

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